Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zompira: Best Zombie!

Wow, guess who was named Best Zombie at this year's Zompire Film Festival? (I'll give you a hint, it was the female zombie in the photo above wearing the pink prom dress.) One more costumed win and I've won the equivalent of Portland's Triple Crown among geeks who like to dress up on the weekends! :)

So as soon as my hunkalicious zombie date and I arrived at the Hollywood Theater, one of the organizers grabbed us by the arms and said, "You both need to come with me right now, trust me," and lead us up the stairs leading to the stage.

One of the filmmakers immediately began asking the audience who was the best zombie. I looked to the left and right to gauge my zombie competition. I was the only female zombie on the stage facing a packed house at the Hollywood Theater.

The zombie next to me groaned and then the hand came to me.

"Grrrr?" I said.

"Come on girl, you've got to work it!" the organizer said.

So I did my best zombie crouch, hiked up my pink zombie prom dress to show a bit of zombie leg and projected my best zombie groan out to the audience.

The crowd approved. Being a female who loves to dress in costume can really pay off sometimes!

"Looks like we have a winner!" he shouted out, and suddenly a microphone was in my face. "So, what's your zombie name?"

Zombie name? "Um, Zompira?" I said. Sheesh, who would have known I'd have to invent a zombie name on the fly.

My hands were filled with zombie prizes including a Twilight Creations' Zombies!!! board game and a Cannibal Flesh Riot coffee mug. Then it was finally time to sit back and enjoy the first half of the night's zombie flicks before we needed to rush off to Zombie Prom at Mt. Tabor.

Some of the favorites: "Zombie Jesus," "The Laundromat," the Danish zombie puppet film "Zombie Western - It Came From the West," and the short "El Zombie De La Muerte."

We attempted to slip out during intermission to make our way to Zombie Prom, but were intercepted by Mail Order Zombie's podcaster, who wanted to interview me about the zombie genre.

Ugh. Suddenly I was supposed to be an expert in the zombie film genre? I fumbled my way through the interview, barely. (My current favorite zombie film is "Wild Zero," although I didn't see that for the first time until after the festival.)

"Where are you going?" the organizers called out as we tried to discreetly slip out toward our cab.

"We have a zombie prom to get to," I called out over my shoulder.

Alas, we were intercepted by a woman who spun me around by the waist and asked if we would pretend to "eat her brain" (a zombie's favorite food, after all) while her family took her photo. We snapped a few pics, then she stepped into our cab and drove away in it!

We finally arrived at the Zombie Prom for a night of dancing and drinking with other fellow zombies and zombie catchers. It was totally the undead place to be.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pluto's Revenge: Best New Villain!

I don't know if I'm just sore from kicking some serious superhero butt over the weekend, or if it's that I was doing so in a pair of silver thigh high space boots and shiny metalic hot pants, but I could really use some IcyHot!

It all totally paid off though because my alter ego, "Pluto's Revenge," was named the "Best New Evil Recruit" at the Superheroes Versus Super Villains event over the weekend. Muwahahahah!

I not only successfully dodged futile attempts by superheroes to bring me back to side of good, but I also repeatedly fought off the Red Menace, a fallen Soviet superhero turned villain who was hot on my intergalactic trail all night.

It probably helped that I was double fisting it with a ray gun in each hand AND had an entire meteor shower and ice storm contained within a teleporting device that I kept slung over my shoulder.

Initiation began at the Crown Room where we threw back Dr. Doom's Dirty Shots and were tested on our abilities to steal candy from babies. Thunder Thighs misunderstood the task, stealing the candy, then setting half of it back and crushing the baby between her thunderous thighs. The Satanic Mechanic simply bunt kicked the first baby he came across, passed on the candy, and returned to his Fallen Angel eye candy.

Then the Trimet Bandit was kidnapped from the nearby superhero bar R. Palate and quickly tied up. Damsels were caused distress and sharks were fitted with small laser beams atop their heads. Alligators were let loose. Initiation finished with a mustache twirling and evil laugh contest.

From there we headed to the North Park Blocks where giant blow-up replicas of sharks, alligators and the Earth were volleyed back and forth in a game of World Domination Volleyball. Super Critical gave two thumbs down while the Gold Standard, who was even less impressed, gave it a rating of 1 on a 10-point scale, lamenting that his rating cards could go no lower. Meanwhile Miss Information walked around spreading a bunch of lies about the whole event.

A trip to Blitz felt a bit like the Star Wars Cantina with only a handful of startled Earth creatures in civilian attire as the superheroes and villains came pouring inside to take control of the bar.

I couldn't figure out what had caused the marks on my arms when I stepped out of the shower Sunday afternoon. Then I remembered the 60 person rubber band fight at Paranoid Park. Pluto's Revenge fought well.

By the time we traveled on our evil path of destruction from Paranoid Park through Chinatown tensions between superheroes and villains had mounted once again. A dance off at C.C. Slaughter's between good and evil ensued. The SD card for my Earth camera was full by the time Good Karma had grabbed Alley Cat by the legs and was helicoptering her around the dance floor, but what I did get was uploaded.

With my memory card full (Earth technology is so last galaxy), I resumed battle with the Red Menace, which involved me somehow rolling across a pool table with a ray gun in each hand - twice. I chased and blasted my way from Chinatown to the Pearl, with a stop off for a Philly cheese steak at Ford's on 5th in Old Town.

Having safely distanced myself from The Red Menace, I bent over to pull up one of my silver space boots. Suddenly a horn started honking and a man yelled out the window of his car, "You're my hero!" as I turned to see the Red Menace blasting up behind me.

And again the chase was on!

Sunday, April 13, 2008